What is Storytelling Marketing?

When pitching a PR story, you often get one shot and not that much time to shoot. The emphasis is on identifying the most important parts of the story and key ideas you want to convey. In other instances, like marketing campaigns for your business, messages can shift from an easy-to-understand single idea to a series of compelling stories that drive deeper engagement and have longer lasting effects. This is where storytelling marketing comes into play.

What is it?

Storytelling marketing is all about communicating your brand’s goals and engaging your audience through a story. If done effectively, storytelling can be timeless.

People want to hear a good story. Storytelling marketing requires a vision, creativity, and practice—which sounds like a lot of work, I know. But, it’s a valuable tool that can set your brand apart from competition and build a loyal consumer base.

The concept of “storytelling” is broad. There are several types of storytelling in marketing that you can use.


Who are you? What is your mission? What is your vision? Why are you special?


What obstacles did you overcome? What inspired you, and how did it lead to starting your business? What was a milestone for you and your brand’s journey?


For a more focused marketing campaign, building a story around a new launch or one specific product/service can reach your audience on a deeper level. For example, a story around character that might use your product and be the face of the campaign or the creative/manufacturing process behind getting the finished result.


Your business collects hard working employees, creatives, customers, and many other groups of people. Each of these individuals have their own story. Showing your audience the faces of your organization can get people to support your brand because they feel relatable to the individuals behind it.

Storytelling unites people and drives stronger, deeper connections. To learn more about storytelling and how to use it to market your brand, check out this article.

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at Dec 7, 2022

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