What is Social Listening?

Is your brand or business using social listening to gauge audience perception? Social listening isn’t just important for social media management purposes, it can tell you a lot about the audiences you work best with and can show you what’s working best for your brand.

For many businesses, just tracking your mentions prevents you from seeing all the online conversations happening around your business. By diving deeper with social listening platforms, you will be able to keep an eye on notable phrases, keywords and competitors in order to gain important insight into how your brand is perceived online.

Some of the top platforms for this purpose include Sprout Social, Brandwatch or BuzzSumo.  While each offers a different range of features and plans, they all put you on the path to effective social listening. This means you will have the power to understand audiences of your industry or competitor, quickly engage with audiences online who are discussing your brand and even identify potential crises before they arise.

If you aren’t sure about whether to take the leap into social listening, there a few easy ways you are likely already performing effective listening habits. These include following brand hashtags, searching for your handles on social media and even reading the news. Also, free options like Google Alerts are a great place to start.

If keeping tabs on audiences is important to your business, then social listening is for you.

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at Aug 9, 2022

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