What is Facebook Reach?

When it comes to building social media strategies, we often have clients ask us “What is the difference between reach, impressions and engagement?”

For starters, reach measures how many unique users saw your content, impressions measure the number of views on the content (pro tip – remember that impressions counts the same users seeing the same content more than once, so this number will always be higher than the reach), and engagement measures the interaction with your content including likes, reactions, comments and shares.

When it comes to Facebook, there are some best practices to boost your reach and be sure that your content is getting in front of as many eyes as possible:

  • Be sure to create content and captions specifically for Facebook that don’t include unnecessary hashtags (save those for Twitter and Instagram), include some type of visual with your captions and utilize a call to action to encourage engagement in the comments.
  • Try to stay consistent when posting and identify the best times to post to let the algorithm know that you are active.
  • Incorporate videos into your posts not only for reach but for also engagement. Facebook has been open about the benefits of utilizing video and Facebook Live on the platform.

Photo by Alex Haney on Unsplash

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at Aug 11, 2021

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