What is BeReal?

The newest social media media app, BeReal is centered around showing yourself and your life in an authentic way. At a random time each day, users are notified to post themself and their surroundings within two minutes of being notified by the app. The platform centers itself around authenticity and can give users a glimpse into social media if it had no influencers.

BeReal has previously said that it doesn’t strive to create viral stars or popular users, instead the app wants you to show off who you really are rather than trying to achieve perfection. But, what if you are a brand looking to take advantage of the success of BeReal and introduce your brand or business to new audiences on the app?

Due to the lack of appeal for brands, apps like BeReal require you to shift your focus to earned media and it won’t always be easy to gain coverage. When it comes to a platform like this, it is best to focus on brand awareness and position yourself as a brand or business that users will want to share, even if it is at a random moment of the day.

While the message in BeReal is strong and it seems to have found its target audience in Gen Zers who are tired of seeing constant perfection online, it is a platform that brands will face trouble benefitting from.

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Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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at May 18, 2022

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