What is a Trusted Advisor?

For many years, this blog has had a regular feature asking individuals – from titans of the PR world to media professionals to our parents – to define public relations. We’ve had some great responses, available here.

Each of the above posts is good stuff. Excellent ways to describe what it is we do, folks!

But I would like to offer one more.

At our core, the best public relations professionals are trusted advisors, both to the organizations and the people within them. We work tirelessly to understand the brand at its core as well as its people, which are its true heart and soul. We keep both the short- and long-term vitality of the brand top of mind at all times. We are a sounding board, even an armchair therapist from time to time. We do what we say we will do and hold the brand to do the same both to us and to its stakeholders.

We then take all of that work – and all of the passion we have for the brand and its people – and help translate it in a way the world will understand and connect with as well. We do this through media relations, digital communications, content marketing, community relations, crisis and issues management, events, collateral development, and more.

And then we do it all over again the next day. We live for it, in fact.

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at Aug 10, 2023

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