What is a Media Advisory?

Our team has been sharing some of the most oft-used tactics in our media relations toolbox in recent months. Thus far, we’ve decoded the news release, photo caption, story pitch, press conference, deskside media meeting and informal media meeting.

Today, we tackle a classic tool in any PR pro’s toolbox: the media advisory.

A media advisory – sometimes also called a media alert – is more or less an invitation to specific media to attend and cover an event or announcement for his or her particular outlet. It is generally written with specifics on who, what, where, when, why and should also always include specifics on interview opportunities and visuals.

It should be short and to the point (if yours is dragging on, maybe consider it for a story pitch instead?). Depending on the each outlet’s particular deadlines, it should be sent out anywhere from two weeks (for long-lead outlets to plan) to about 72 hours (for most television news stations).

And, we know it is hard in this world of email and text (that’s sarcasm, by the way), but those who do not make basic calls to assignment desks and editors to see if the event “is on the books” or “on the calendar” for potential coverage do so at the risk of not getting any coverage at all. Even if they can’t come out in person, these days by calling and talking it through, you can often work with them to provide footage, images, content or interviews post-event to garner coverage as well.

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at Dec 14, 2018

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