What is a Brand Story?

Does your brand have a story? Yesterday, Abbie discussed how to write award submissions and how your story plays a part in receiving recognition. The origin of your brand or business isn’t just for you as an owner, it can also drive business and help create communities that believe in your brand and its mission. Therefore, it’s not only crucial to establish your brand story, but to tell it in the right way that creates connections.

Your brand story encapsulates what you do and why you do it. Like most stories, your brand’s will not always be perfect, it’s important to discuss the conflicts you faced and how you found a resolution. These stories are what stick with consumers and show that you are in it for your heart too, not just a sale.

You can create loyalty, set yourself apart from the pack and much more, all with the truth about how your business came to be.

When telling your brand story, another element to consider is where it will be shown. Of course it should be published on your website ­– but where else can you get it to the world? Some examples are your product labels and packaging, your email newsletters and perhaps most important of all, the press coverage you receive. When familiarizing yourself to the public, be sure to slip in a mention of your brand story in TV, print and online media.

One example of a brand with a strong story is glasses company Warby Parker, which was created to combat expensive eyewear after the owner lost his glasses on a backpacking trip and could not replace them due to cost. The affordability of Warby Parker and the company’s mission to provide stylish glasses at a reasonable price is shown in everything they do.

Empowering and emotional, your brand story can truly resonate with audiences and make a difference.

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at Apr 20, 2022

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