What Does the Future Look Like for Event Marketing?

Event-planning is a big part of public relations and here at HMA, part of what we do lies in hosting successful events for clients whether they are large-scale or intimate. The HMA Team also regularly shares our thoughts on events on our blog as we discuss what we have learned from the many virtual events we have attended in the past year.

Event marketing is a great way to promote your product, service or brand in real time and allows businesses to offer in-person insight. With the obvious lack of recent in-person marketing events, this has led to a new type of promotion, hybrid events.

I had just recently discovered hybrid events and the best tips for successfully executing them with a blog post from our PRGN partner in Boston, The Castle Group . While our lives will hopefully return to normal soon and face-to-face marketing events will become the norm again, hybrid events are sure to dominate the near future and are a great tool to adapt your promotion to the world today.

Hybrid events are conferences, seminars or workshops that are held in-person with an audience, but also broadcast virtually. These events give participants the chance to attend if they want, or instead watch online from anywhere in the world.

With these events emerging, if you plan on holding one it is important to become familiar with how they operate and the uniqueness of how they must be planned. Hybrid events require finding a venue, managing technology, working with your attendees and actually broadcasting the event. All of this requires precise budgeting and a good relationship with your sponsors who will attend.

Another important element to holding a hybrid event is promoting it. It is up to you to promote your event on social media and encourage people to attend either in-person or virtually. You must show attendees that you care about them regardless of the format they are watching from and that you will offer a positive experience that will be enjoyable for either viewer.

Whether you plan on taking part in a hybrid event in the future or putting one on yourself, it is imperative to be aware of their purpose and plan accordingly.

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at Mar 17, 2021

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