What Does the Future Hold?

If only we had a crystal ball and could predict the future.

This past year our organizations and the clients that we counsel continue to face their challenges head-on. Whether it be the ongoing impact of COVID-19, the role of diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace, cancel culture and the list goes on.  And at the heart of it all remains the need for a comprehensive and strategic communications program, no matter what size business you happen to be.

So, although we don’t have the crystal ball, we do have the next best thing.  My colleagues from the Public Relations Global Network shared their communications predictions for 2022.  And Adrian and I talked about it as well on this week’s Copper State of Mind podcast.  I hope you’ll find the information helpful as you consider your communications plans for the upcoming year.

Lots to ponder as we wrap up the year.  All the best to you in 2022.

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at Dec 22, 2021

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