What Do I Need to Know to Work in Public Relations?

Today marks my 17th anniversary at HMA Public Relations.  To mark the occasion, here are 17 things folks should know if you want to work in the industry:

  1. AP Style. Know it. Love it. Use it.
  2. The importance of developing key messages.
  3. How to story mine an organization, client or brand.
  4. The difference between issues management and crisis communications.
  5. How to tell a visual story across multiple platforms.
  6. The difference between a news release and a story pitch.
  7. Come to think of it, the difference between a news release, story pitch, media advisory, bylined article and photo caption.
  8. How to use digital communications channels as well as paid opportunities within them.
  9. How to write a winning award entry.
  10. Understand who the media is, what they want, and how to best help them.
  11. How to write a fact sheet.
  12. The difference between this kind of media meeting and this one.
  13. How to develop a thought leader.
  14. How to win a press conference.
  15. How to do a media training like thisor this.
  16. Be your authentic self and transparent with colleagues, clients, partners and the media.
  17. Never stop learning.
Photo by Arno Senoner on Unsplash
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at Feb 10, 2021

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