What Do Global Communications Experts Predict in 2024?

After a year marked by advancements in artificial intelligence, global communications experts see a continuation of tech progression in 2024 that will require us to shift how we tell stories, plan events, build trust, and more. Additionally, experts also predict a growing significance on businesses to tell data-driven stories, report on sustainability efforts, and adopt a more globalized approach as we look at fresh opportunities amid the ongoing evolution of the media and unfolding of events worldwide.

The Public Relations Global Network has shared its predictions on what communications pros can expect in 2024, check out some of the responses from global agency leaders–including HMA’s president, Abbie Fink. And read the full blog post here.

“As the earned media landscape continues to evolve (and in some cases dissolve), it will be critically important to focus on more comprehensive and integrated services. Although clients may come into the agency relationship seeking news coverage, we need to regularly and consistently talk about the various other marketing communications strategies that are available to clients to expand their reach beyond traditional media.”

Abbie S. Fink, President, HMA Public Relations, Phoenix, Arizona


“The ease of use and accessibility of AI will result in greater creativity, better insight, and more robust results for companies proactively managing their PR. We’ve known that AI is a game changer since 2022, but in 2024 we’ll see the AI baby start to walk as applications make getting reliable AI results as easy as using your mobile phone to order food.”

Nick Leighton, Owner & CEO, NettResults Middle East, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


“Data driven storytelling will become increasingly important in your pitches to the media if you want them to publicize your clients’ products and services. You have to back up your pitches by drawing data from your clients’ own brand studies or industry trends that the media had overlooked.”

Boh Tiong Yap, Managing Director, Mileage Communications, Singapore


“Climate, climate, climate. As climate reporting becomes mandatory for big companies in more jurisdictions, value chains will talk non-stop about climate risk in 2024. Any company that does not have a climate story, crafted from the truth and based on data, risks B2B PR suicide. A critical mass of its business partners will think ‘this company does not have my back’.”

Mark Paterson, Principal, Currie, Melbourne, Australia


“As global decoupling intensifies in 2024, we anticipate a significant recalibration in public relations, especially for companies with an international footprint. For example, in regions like India and South Asia with multiple language and ethnic requirements, this will necessitate a hyper-localized approach to communication, ensuring sensitivity to the cultural, geopolitical, demographic, and social nuances of each geography. Simultaneously, maintaining a cohesive global narrative will be paramount. This fine balance will redefine PR strategies, demanding a blend of localized insight and global oversight, thereby transforming how stories are told and brands are perceived across borders.”

Sunil Puri, Managing Director, Mileage Communications India, New Delhi, India


“In 2024, events are embracing an era marked by sustainability, with organizers adopting responsible practices that align with organizational goals and improve their impact on the planet, attendees, and community. Attendee-centric planning will also take precedence, prioritizing interactivity, wellness, and bespoke customizations that cater to the evolving needs of the modern participant. Simultaneously, the integration of Artificial Intelligence will continue to revolutionize event planning processes, optimizing efficiency in brainstorming, collateral development, and contract verbiage. This focus on sustainability and attendee experience, coupled with AI integration, promises a year of enhanced productivity, memorable experiences, and seamless event management.”

Wendy Spivak, Principal/Co-Founder, The Castle Group, Boston, Massachusetts


“2024 is expected to reshape and redefine the future for a large part of the world, with 70+ elections in more than 40 countries, including European Union and U.S. elections, all in an era of multiple crises, already raising the stakes for the future. It’s a good context for brands to start talking about real politics and policies. Big brands are usually averse to being part of the agora of political and social debates. No longer, given the context of reactionary trends in many countries, a sense of de-globalization, and the expected major disruptions on economic chains due to wars, climate change and other factors. In many ways, the very presence of some companies’ power will be in question, and they must win public hearts to secure predictable business conditions on many markets. I expect, therefore, that commercial actors will become citizens and community voices and advocates in such a crucial moment. I also expect (or hope for) a trend of de-consuming as a direct effect of sustainability principles bringing our personal and business lives and ethics closer and closer.”

Alexandra Diniță, Founder and Managing Partner, Free Communication, Bucharest, Romania

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at Jan 5, 2024

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