What Are the AP Style Updates for 2022?

Each year, the Associated Press puts out its guidelines for news writing. Called the AP Stylebook, public relations professionals are smart to use it when writing everything from news releases and story pitches to bylined articles and award copy.

Among this year’s 300 updates:

  • The uppercase Deaf is acceptable, if used by a person or group, in descriptions such as the cultural Deaf community, Deaf education, Deaf culture, etc.
  • They/Them/There is now the standard way of representing a person who uses those pronouns for themself.
  • There is revised guidance to not use Black(s) or white(s) as either a singular or plural noun; previously AP allowed for the plural in limited uses.
  • The Native Americans, American Indians section of the book now notes that the term Natives is acceptable on second reference and adds entries including Indian Country and tribal affiliation.
  • LGBT will now formally be LGBTQ in all usage.
  • There is now a Coronavirus Topical Guide available online on its own.
  • Bitcoin is now lowercase on all references except when the first word in a sentence.
  • Marijuana and cannabis may now be used interchangeably.

While I still have my 2001 Stylebook – scribbled with updates over the years – the online version of the book is an excellent option for PR folks at any level of their careers, especially given the excellent “Ask the Editor” feature and never-ending updates that happen throughout the year as it relates to social media.

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at Sep 8, 2022

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