What Are Key Performance Indicators?

Key performance indicators, or KPIs, are measurable metrics that organizations use to gauge performance and determine success toward specific targets. KPIs can be used by all sides of an organization from finance to customer service to sales to communications and more.

Despite the vital role of communications in an organization, it isn’t always easy to effectively measure and communicate the performance of PR efforts–KPIs can help make this possible.

Metrics are important and the ones you choose to monitor can help chart your success. In your public relations plan, KPIs will be used to decide if your efforts are up to par and meeting important quantifiable benchmarks.

When creating your PR campaign, there are a few KPIs to note, including the number of media mentions, the general public sentiment, and social media engagements such as follower growth, likes, and shares.

Additionally, consider the overall reach of your coverage across all formats, including print, online, broadcast, and radio, among others. This number is a key KPI in showcasing the impact of your media relations efforts.

To find out how to utilize your KPIs to create a an effective long-term plan for your organization, check out this post. With the insight gained from KPIs, you can craft better strategies that keep you and your team on track to meeting goals efficiently.

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at Nov 8, 2023

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