What Are Content Pillars?

What content do my followers like to see? What are the common themes of my business? What is my customer demographic? Before creating a content pillar strategy fit for your social media pages, these are the questions you must ask yourself. Content pillars are based off the key touchpoints of your business and will influence your social media strategy.

By planning with content pillars, you can share relevant and consistent information that aligns with your business does and what your followers want.

One example is a food company. If you are posting food content, it is likely that your pillars are topics like recipes, cooking videos, customer testimonials, behind the scenes, team spotlights and more. For a marketing agency, you are likely to see social media content pillars made up of marketing tips, memes, tutorials on marketing software or possibly your own product and more. This content allows organizations to easily create and plan ahead under a key message of your business.

And some also may choose to be broader with their pillars rather than focusing on the topic, splitting their content up by promotional, educational, entertainment posts rather than specific ideas.

Whether you are a nonprofit organization or a business, a content pillar strategy can benefit your team and help spread your message effectively and efficiently. And content pillars aren’t limited to your social media pages, pillars can also benefit your blog, content marketing efforts and more.

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at Apr 12, 2023

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