How to transition from working remotely

For most of us, working from home these last few months became our reality. We traded in our traditional office and desk views for at-home offices, patios, kitchen tables and for me, my living room couch.

But as some people begin to make plans to slowly return to their offices, how do you re-adjust to only having to walk a few steps for work?

  • Stick to your routine: We heard this a lot while adjusting to working from home, but it can be just as effective when going back to work. If you started your day by making coffee, checking emails and eating lunch at a certain time of day, try to continue that same pattern when it is time to go back to the office.
  • Open communication: Be open with your employer about your concerns about adjusting back to the office. We have all experienced having learn to work from home without the joys of seeing our coworkers in person the last few months, so we can relate to having mixed feelings about returning.
  • Ease into it: If possible, try to slowly transition yourself back into your office setting. For some this could mean working from home 2-3 days a week and going to the office the remaining days.
  • Breathe: Lastly, remember to give yourself breaks and don’t get lost in hours of work, meetings and virtual seminars. The pandemic has made us slow down our schedule and prioritize our health and important tasks. This is a good habit to continue moving forward.

Abbie and Scott have spent a lot of time discussing how HMA will return to the workplace.  We will continue working from home through the end of May and then will have the option to work from the office or from home beginning June 1.  Lots of things were taken into account on how best to make the transition.

When it is time, how do you plan to adjust to working on-site again?

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at May 14, 2020

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