Unmatched Resources of a PR Network

Among the categories I judged for the recent annual Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) Awards was “Agency Collaboration.”

Because we have been a part of PRGN since its inception, we often overlook the tremendous resources it avails to our clients and those of the other members.  We have tapped into our domestic and international partners many times over the years.

In addition to the sharing of intellectual property is the availability of worldwide geographic scope.  Here are a couple of current examples of maximizing resources:

  • C. Williams & Associates in Chicago is working with together with IC Gruppe of Hamburg, Germany, and London-headquartered Spider PR on an integrated global PR effort representing the Trex Company, the world’s number one brand of composite decking and railing, in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
  • Xenophon Strategies, Inc. of Washington, D.C. and cometis of Germany formed a united team that worked seamlessly with the Republic of Uzbekistan across nine time zones and four languages. The branded campaign, known as “Journey of Change,” helped Uzbekistan promote a broad agenda of reform to boost international trade as it emerged from the post-Soviet era.
  • Spider PR of London and WE Agency of Paris are working together on Satisfyer, a sex-tech wellness brand, offering pleasure products for women, men and couples.. The UK and France are two of the biggest markets for health and beauty, and Spider and WE Agency have teamed up to change consumer perceptions of the brand.
  • Landis Communications Inc. of San Francisco and Bianchi Public Relations of Detroit executed Velodyne Lidar’s participation in the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s largest tech trade show with 4,400+ exhibitors. Lidar sensors use lasers to enable machines and computers to “see” objects in the surrounding world, measure them, identify their distance and movement. Velodyne’s sensors are used for autonomous vehicles, drones, robotics and other applications across many industries.

For some clients, the marketplace has no boundaries.

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at Oct 27, 2020

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