Turns Out We Still Need Contingency Plans…Just in Case

It is my day to write a blog post and I was struggling to find a topic.  I thought I would take a look at what I wrote about last year at this time.  My post for this week in 2022 was about contingency plans and the importance of reviewing contracts.

And although we are seeing more and more activities return to “normal,” contingency plans are still necessary.

Just last week a client of ours held its first in-person fundraising event since early 2020. For the past couple years the event was held virtually, with all speakers and program elements pre-recorded.  Still concerned about the possible impact of COVID, the event planners asked all presenters to come in to a studio to record their remarks…just in case.  As it turned out, just in case became the case as one of the presenters was unable to make it.

Virtual options are becoming the norm for many in-person events.  It might mean some additional expenses to ensure that those attending online have as good of an experience as those in the room, but it might make the difference in whether someone is able to attend or not.

Everything from fundraisers to funerals, baby showers to banquets, wedding ceremonies to concerts are offering virtual options.  Just this past month, I “went” to my uncle’s funeral thanks to Zoom and my parents were able to “attend” my best friend’s daughter’s wedding, again thanks to Zoom.

If you go the virtual route, be sure to send simple instructions to your online guests and include such things as how to adjust the screen view to better see the presenter, the importance of going on (and staying on) mute or better yet, make that the default setting so all attendees are automatically on mute, and make sure whoever is managing the Zoom has a steady hand (and a tripod) to minimize movement as much as possible.

It will never be a waste of time to think through all the scenarios that could impact your event or any project for that matter and have a plan in place…just in case.

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at Jan 11, 2023

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