Trends in Digital for the New Year

There can be no doubt that access to technology has been an integral part of our world over the past several months. Everything from ordering groceries online, to taking classes or attending religious services, we have been consuming more and more information online.

We stream a movie on Netflix and click over to Google to see what else the lead actor has starred in.  Want more information about a product?  Click on the QR code embedded in the print ad and you’ll pull up the website. Businesses that recognize that we’re consuming more content more often and adapt their communications strategies will continue to reap the benefits of this direct-to-consumer approach to communications.

What are some of the digital trends for the coming year? Adrian and I discussed quite a few on the podcast this week. Here are a few highlights:

If you are going to go digital, don’t go halfway.

Consumers have a very high expectation of what they will find online. Is your site slow to load, not user friendly on a tablet?   There goes an opportunity. Consumers want (need) a smooth and well-working digital experience or they’re going to bounce to something else.

Mobile-first or perhaps mobile-only?

It is thought that more than half of web traffic today comes from mobile devices with Millennials and Gen Z users, in particular, pushing this trend forward. It is also likely that this generation is not only mobile-first but may likely be mobile-only.  We’ve got to make the mobile experience a top priority.

Authentic and honest.

Authentic and honest content will always win the day. We want to feel valued and those organizations that create that personal connection will be the ones to build a more loyal audience.

Audio is still relevant.

Podcasts like this one, audio books, streaming music – consumers are still listening, whether we’re listening during our commute to the office or have it on in the background.

More and shorter video.

It’s hard to believe that videos can get any shorter, but that seems to be what is expected for the year ahead. Shorter, less produced and easily accessed on mobile devices will be the norm.

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at Jan 5, 2022

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