Top PR Stories of 2023

About this time every year, we start seeing lists of the Top (fill in the blank) for 2023.

The list of Top PR Stories of the 2023 should start with these two:

  • Southwest Airlines canceled thousands of flights due to weather and staffing issues. This actually started during the last week of 2022, but had lingering effects into the new year. Airlines can’t do much about the weather.  They can, however, ensure that their employee communication and scheduling software is good enough to meet the demands of today – not 20 years ago.  While the operations of the airline created the PR problem, (as Abbie has pointed out in a previous post) it is my understanding that the front-line Southwest Airlines employees rose to the top in their ability to handle unsympathetic and downright angry customers. Imagine having to spend three or four days during the holidays waiting for a rescheduled flight.  A number of customers took matters into their own hands, renting cars, gathering other customers heading for the same cities and actually road-tripping to their destinations.
  • The NFL initially announces that following a player having CPR performed on him on the field during a nationally televised Monday night game, that the teams would take a five-minute break before resuming play. After a lengthy delay and the ambulance leaving the field for the hospital, the two head coaches met at midfield and knowing the feelings of their teams, sent their respective squads to the locker room.  Later, the league announced that the game would not be resumed that night.  Imagine a co-worker having a heart issue in his or her office, EMTs spending close to 10 minutes reviving the person, and the boss then saying, “Okay everyone, take a five-minute break and then let’s get back after it.”
  • We might be a bit biased, but we think our clients have had some pretty notable stories over the past year. Take a look.

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at Nov 30, 2023

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