Top 10 Reasons YOU Have a (NOT) PR Problem

All too often, we see celebrities who have built brands for themselves get into major crisis communications situations for one reason or another (or many).

And, when in crisis mode, the media all all all too often refer to the situation as a PR Problem, sometimes joking the PR team behind said celebrity should be fired.

But, here is the thing; most situations are not PR Problems. They are issues that PR teams have to help communicate in a responsible way after said celebrity messed up something in his/her own lives almost always to the utter dismay of the PR team.

So, in honor of any other PR practitioners out there that detest when a celebrity’s personal or business issue is called a PR problem, here are my Top 10 Real Reasons You Have a (NOT) PR Problem:

  1. You tweeted before thinking. see Victor Cruz
  2. You may need medical help. see Amanda Bynes
  3. You are a selfish knucklehead. see Johnny Football
  4. You cheated. see Tiger Woods
  5. You cheated and lied. see Ryan Braun
  6. You cheated and are still lying about it. see Alex Rodriguez
  7. You’re kind of a witch. see Amy’s Baking Company
  8. You’re kind of a brat. see Justin Bieber
  9. You’re kind of a waste of talent and space. see Chris Brown
  10. You are (most likely) a murderer. see Aaron Hernandez
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at Jul 24, 2013

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