Tips and Tricks for Working Remotely

For many of us, this past year has been spent in front of a computer screen whether it was for work, school, family gatherings and even concerts. Despite the odds, we have been able to adapt to these conditions and find solutions to beating the dreaded Zoom fatigue that so many have faced. While finishing up my final semester of college and working virtually with HMA, I have been able to see firsthand the resiliency of PR professionals and just how innovative and flexible this profession is. In addition, the great mentors on Team HMA have given me useful knowledge that will stick with me forever.

If you are looking to make your remote work experience more efficient and enjoyable, check out these tips.

Attend Online Events

Online events are happening every day that allow you to expand your network and receive fantastic insight from individuals on a broad range of topics – take advantage of them! The HMA Team has attended our fair share of virtual events over the past year and we shared our insights on virtual events and the future of them quite frequently on our blog. These events can inspire future projects and help fuel great ideas.

Record Your Meetings

With meetings occurring almost entirely on Zoom, it can be easy to miss small details or be a victim of poor internet. Recording your meetings will allow you to go back and revisit to clarify any information you may have missed.

Check-In With Your Team

At HMA, our weekly check-ins allow us to update each other on any projects we are working on. Aside from work, it also allows us to connect with each other and have genuine conversations about what is happening in our lives. It is important to find the balance between work and fun.

Express Your Creativity

It is always important to be authentic, genuine and creative in what you create. Whether it is video content, social media graphics or in your writing, you should express your creativity in your work. This can pull you out of fatigue and lead to your best work while inspiring others in the process.

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at Apr 21, 2021

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