#TipForTuesday – Social Media in your PR Strategy

Around half of adults get their news from social media. Whether it is through a tweet from a news outlet or from friends commenting and sharing an article, this mode of news consumption has been rising in popularity, especially on apps geared towards the younger generation such as Snapchat and TikTok.

This is just one among many reasons why your social media strategy needs to be included in your overall public relations strategy.

When social media managers are fully informed about both business and communication efforts, they can jump on trends in a timely manner. They can also find a way to incorporate clips of your earned media to help you get more use out of your content. It will also allow them to respond to any messages they receive with confidence and certainty.

Because social media is owned media, many businesses are tempted to use it only to sell and promote products and services. But doing this negates the whole purpose of social media. For your consumers, social media is a fun place so engaging with content that may not be directly related to driving sales can help raise brand awareness and reputation.

Slim Jim on Instagram is a great example of this because they post relatable comments on other popular Instagram pages. These comments have nothing to do with their company or products but anyone who sees Slim Jim show up a few times, they are more likely to buy a meat stick the next time they are at the gas station.

Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

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at Nov 9, 2021

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