#TipForTuesday – Listen, Learn and Share

The Arizona Speaker Series has hosted four very different presenters – Sanjay Gupta, Vice President Joe Biden, James Comey and last week, Condoleezza Rice.  With three more speakers to go, I can honestly say that I have gotten my money’s worth.
Now, that doesn’t mean I’ve liked all the presenters.  And I think that is precisely the point of the series – to bring together different people with different political views, upbringings, career paths and passions.  This from the speakers as well as the audience.
I didn’t care for Dr. Rice’s presentation. It felt more like an academic lecture than a presentation. Which does make sense given her current career.  But there were a few things that did resonate with me:

  • Get involved; change your community by volunteering and being engaged.
    • Absolutely agree with this. Commit to doing something in your community, it will have lasting impact.
  • Embrace all cultures and faiths and believe in opportunity for all.
    • And I’d add learn from those from different cultures and faiths.
  • Do the right thing even when it’s hard.
    • And take responsibility to do your part to improve the world.
  • Listen and learn from different perspectives and different points of view.
    • And I think that’s exactly what this series is about.
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at Feb 5, 2019

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