Thinking Outside the Traditional PR Box

HMA Public Relations is a founding member of the Public Relations Global Network. With members across the globe, our agency and our clients have access to in-market knowledge and expertise.

One way we share that expertise is through the Network’s podcast, PRGN Presents. Abbie hosts the podcast along with producer Adrian McIntyre, sharing insights on marketing communications and public relations with these agency leaders.

I recently listened to an episode with David Fuscus of Xenophon Strategies that discussed the benefits of thinking outside the box and bringing new resources into your business. He shared one example of how his firm brought on a tech entrepreneur to assist his team, not because he had strong PR experience, but because of his expertise in that field. Bringing in outside experts can bring value to PR agencies and businesses alike.

We often work with partners that bring resources to our clients, including graphic design, SEO, photographers, videographers, etc. Capitalizing on the knowledge of experts and bringing them on to our client services team provides additional value to what we can offer. These related communications professionals provide knowledge that can help our team create messaging that is accurate and informative, blending strategies and expertise together to ultimately support the business and client.

As Abbie stated in the podcast, “We are the expert communicators, but that doesn’t mean we’re experts in all the topics we’re being asked to communicate about.” Thinking outside the traditional PR box, taking an approach that blends consulting and communications together may be an effective way to strengthen the agency and provide more value to clients.

With this approach in mind, employers can reach out to their network and be more expansive in their hiring. Currie Communications, another fellow PRGN member, focuses heavily on environmental issues and sustainability. The agency not only engages with communications professionals, but also recruits experts from sustainability organizations. Emerging professionals and prospective employees may also benefit from looking outside of their industry for opportunities that align with their expertise.

For clients looking to engage with a firm that thinks outside of the traditional PR box, contact HMA to learn more about how we can put together a team of experts to develop and implement your communications plan.

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at Oct 11, 2023

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