The Week That Wasn’t

This week HMA Public Relations was to host the Public Relations Global Network’s semi-annual meeting.  As a founding member of PRGN, we were honored to have been selected to host for the third time.  Our team was excited to meet some of the industry’s brightest minds.

Hotels were booked, dinners planned and excursions confirmed.

We would have had agency owners from nearly 50 markets around the world visiting us.  We were going to have an open house to help celebrate HMA’s 40th year in business.  Several of our international guests were going to take a trip to the Grand Canyon.  We were going to have them experience Scottsdale.  Some were going to hike Camelback Mountain or Piestewa Peak.  We were going to take our guests to see some live bull riding in Cave Creek.  Some were going to get in a couple rounds of golf.  We were going to showcase our perfect weather, with the high temperatures in the low 90s.  We were going to talk about how PRGN members share business around the globe.  We were going to highlight the individual expertise of our member agencies.  We were going to strengthen our position as a leading PR network.  We were…..we were…we were…

We were going to hug each other because it’s been over a year since we’ve all seen each other in person.

Hopefully those hugs are just another 12 months away.

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at May 13, 2020

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