The Social TV Experience

Today’s media environment has transformed into more than just watching television—it now incorporates different forms of social media. The term “social TV” has risen as more and more people turn to Twitter and other social media platforms to engage and keep up with their favorite TV shows. So, what do I mean by “social TV?” It’s the idea that traditional television and social media have blended together to increase audience engagement; not only by encouraging viewers to watch episodes when they air, but also by encouraging viewers to interact with each other. In simple terms, the union of TV and social media.

For example, Twitter showing ads for a new episode of The Bachelor. Twitter, a social media platform, is blending with traditional television to increase viewership and direct people to watch the latest episode. TV networks are increasingly sharing video clips on social platforms to monetize engagement and drive tune-in. Another example: viewers turning to Twitter to see what people are saying about the show when it’s a commercial break, responding to threads and interacting with other Bachelor fans.

Why is this important? A PR campaign is designed with one aim: to get people talking about you. On social media, PR refers to using social media channels to attract some press and put your company in the spotlight. With social TV at play, there is much more flexibility in how PR campaigns are integrated.

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at Jan 18, 2023

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