The Royal Interview

Perhaps the most talked about interview in recent days was the sit-down with the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and Oprah.

I have been intrigued by the Royal Family for as long as I can remember.  My dad and I stayed up all night to watch Diana marry Charles.  I was glued to the television that Labor Day weekend when Princess Diana’s car crashed.  I set the alarm to get up at o’dark:30 to see William marry Kate and Harry marry Meghan.  And of course, I’ve watched all four seasons of The Crown.

Oprah set the stage telling the audience that no topics were off-limits and that neither Meghan nor Harry knew what was going to be asked in advance.  Oprah is a master when it comes to this type of interview format. She makes her subjects feel comfortable – comfortable enough to reveal things that might not otherwise have come to light.

And were things revealed! Among the many topics discussed were mental health, suicide and racism.  Hmm, a reflection of what is going on in our society, wouldn’t you say?

This is a life that we cannot possibly understand, one that is hundreds of years old, steeped in formality and tradition. Yet, this is a mother and father doing what is right for their child (soon to be children) by removing themselves from a situation that was no longer healthy for them.

There were plenty of references to the communications staff and their role in “protecting” the Royal Family.  Protecting them from tabloid headlines, untruths (fake news anyone), paparazzi and the like.  Harry referenced history repeating itself when talking about how the tabloid press hounded his mother all those years.

The Palace issued a statement that some might argue is less than forthcoming, not really addressing the specifics of what was said in the interview.  In their defense (and as someone that prepares statements for clients), I’m not sure there would be much else for them to say at this time.  If the statement is to be believed, the issues will be addressed, “particularly that of race.”

Actions speak louder than words.  So, let’s watch and see what comes next.

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at Mar 10, 2021

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