The Rise of Paid Newsletters

In the past few years, we have seen the rise of newsletter platforms, like Substack, where subscribers can pay for newsletters from their favorite writers. But how do you find opportunities for growth for a brand or business in these newsletters?

In many cases, paid newsletters may not the best route and other earned media publications are the way to go, however with a number of these newsletters being industry specific, it can be a great option to consider if you want to get in touch with specific targeted audiences and subscribers that you know are loyal.

But these paid newsletters do not always have the same purpose, many journalists utilize the platform to share with PR pros what they are currently writing about and what to pitch them for upcoming stories. Keeping up with these newsletters can give you the chance to secure something great for yourself or a client.

Since these paid newsletters are relatively new, it can be hard to navigate reaching these outlets for possible opportunities. Therefore, it is important to fully customize your pitch and realize the purpose for a feature in the newsletter, rather than placing the journalist on your media list and sending them all the news that comes out of your business.

Also, because these newsletters cover a wide range of topics, it is vital to do thorough research on who you wish to target in order to make sure you are not causing any controversy for your brand or a client. Purchasing a subscription to the newsletter you want to be in can help you gain insight that you won’t find behind a paywall.

Paid newsletters are growing fast and a trend to watch for in the future. With the right opportunity, a mention in one of them can yield big results.

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at Feb 17, 2022

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