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September 9, 2020
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Surveys come in all sizes and forms from the bottom of your cash register receipt to calling into a customer service line. Most people toss surveys aside, even if it only takes a few minutes but as a communicator, I know the power a survey can hold.

After attending a concert earlier in the year – before I had even heard the word “coronavirus” – Ticketmaster emailed asking me to fill out a customer satisfaction survey. I have strong opinions about Ticketmaster, especially when they charge hidden fees, so I eagerly filled it out, thinking nothing would come of it. I ended up winning a $100 Visa gift card for filling out the survey!

Most surveys don’t have this happy ending but can be very helpful to a business. It goes beyond wanting to know what a consumer thinks about a product, informs future marketing decisions, persuades purchases and improves processes.

At HMA, we survey our clients because our work is not “one size fits all.” The qualitative data we collect not only shows us the expectations, goals and fears but also reveals the heart and soul of dedicated employees. With honest and open answers, we’re able to customize a successful communications plan.

As a person who regularly fills out surveys, I certainly don’t expect any compensation but knowing that my voice is being heard, I’m reassured that by responding to surveys, my thoughts and opinions as a consumer are valued.


Marissa Baker
Marissa Baker
Native to Phoenix, Marissa has recently moved back to continue her career in communication. On the weekends you can find her in the first row at a concert, or exploring hiking trails.

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