The Heat is On #HMATurns40

The relentless record-breaking heat reminded me of a couple of outstanding PR campaigns HMA Public Relations created a number of years ago for longtime client SMACNA Arizona, the Arizona chapter of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors’ National Association.

While SMACNA Arizona hasn’t been a client for a few years, these two programs are relevant today.

The SMACNA Arizona Cool Air Project was an annual effort in which contractors, their employees and retirees donated air conditioning units, other materials and time to various organizations and individuals who did not have AC units on their buildings or homes.

One year, the project supported St. John’s Indian School, located on the Gila River Indian Reservation.  Another year, the project made it possible for 10 homeowners in the Phoenix metropolitan area to receive new air conditioning units for their homes.  During difficult economic times another year, 100 box fans were donated to the Area Agency for Aging for distribution to its clients.

Another heat-related program that HMA developed ran for 10 years.  It was SMACNA Arizona’s 100-Degree Contest.  SMACNA Arizona invited visitors to its website,, where they were able to register to win a summer weekend getaway by guessing the day and time of Phoenix’s first 100-degree temperature.   If it were today, maybe we’d have to have made it a 110-degree contest!

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at Aug 18, 2020

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