The Coors Light

With the introduction of legalized sports books, we’ve seen all kinds of celebrity endorsers lately, including former athletes and sportscasters, as well as well-known actors and the like.

There are also former NFL players who appear in beer ads – but no current players, as they are not allowed to appear in ads in which they directly endorse beer or are seen drinking beer.

Coors Light has figured out a way around it.

Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes is in ad for a Coors Light.  Except in the ad, he is holding a flashlight, not a Coors Light, after taking it out of the fridge. Oh, it looks like a “Silver Bullet,” complete with the logo.  The announcer notes the flashlight’s steel casing that “feels as cold as the Rocky Mountains.”

It’s a great community relations play, as proceeds of the Coors Light flashlight go to the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation, which “supports initiatives that focus on health, wellness, communities in need of resources and other charitable causes.”

The creativity and cause sure beat the heck out of the onslaught of commercials we’re under touting electoral candidates and personal injury lawyers!

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at Jul 15, 2022

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