Thanks A Billion

Sadly, good manners and common courtesy are harder and harder to come by.  One of the Public Relations Global Network’s newest members, Natalie Ghidotti, president and CEO of Ghidotti Communications in Little Rock, Ark., is doing something about it.

She recently hosted a webinar on the topic “Thanks a Billion.”
Natalie, along with Ken Clark, a therapist and life and business coach, shared information about their “Thanks a Billion” initiative.

Their goal is to have people say “thank you” one billion times over a 30-day period.
It’s relevant now because Ken stated: “Gratitude conquers fear.”  That might be more important now than ever before.

He said fear is a part of who we are.  But when fear is not in charge, we can be creative, productive and compassionate .  There’s some brain science to it: the amygdala vs. prefrontal cortex which is beyond me, but the theory makes complete sense to me.
Ken offered up three easy, calculated ways to get started on an “attitude of gratitude.”

He also pointed out that we often think good things toward others without actually saying it to them.  Ken says “if it crosses your mind, it should cross your lips.”

“Thanks a Billion” also has short videos on topics like “Using Gratitude to Eliminate Anxiety” and “The Recipe for an Awesome Thank You.”
It’s too bad we actually need to be reminded of this – but we do.  Especially if it will help overcome the fear that grips so many these days.

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at Jun 10, 2020

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