Switch Up Your Social Media with Video Posts

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

If you are anything like me, you scroll past hundreds of posts every day on various social media sites. Every day I come across posts that make me stop, watch, and engage, whether that comes in the form of a like, a comment or a share. More often than not, the post that pulls me in is a video. Social media has progressed a great deal over the years and we have learned that a big budget is not always necessary to utilize video marketing.  When it comes to social media, try testing out video posts.

Video posts have the power to draw your followers in and engage with them more than the traditional photo post, especially on social media like Instagram. According to HubSpot, video posts on Instagram have the highest engagement rate on the app, 38 percent higher than posts with an image.

However, video posts do not only apply to Instagram; these posts can also be effective on other social media that many of us visit every day, like Facebook and Twitter. Posting a video on your feed once in a while will allow you to test the waters with your followers and gain an understanding on what types of post they would like to see.

Videos are not exclusive to posts on your regular feed, these could also come in the form of video stories or the live feature which allows you to broadcast yourself or others to your followers.

While working with video might seem intimidating, websites like Canva offer a free video maker with customizable templates, free photos to use and high-quality music. Their website also provides a number of video tutorials that teach you how to make video or traditional photo posts on their service.

Next time you are planning your social media calendar and want to announce an event, launch a new product or service or simply share your thoughts, consider posting a video.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels
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at Jan 15, 2021

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