State of PR 2017 with PRSA Phoenix

PRSALast week I attended the PRSA Phoenix State of PR 2017 + Annual Meeting luncheon and it was great!  According to Kristin Hege, PRSA Phoenix board president, “It’s been a great year for PRSA Phoenix and its members. We’ve celebrated award wins, national officer elections as well as overall growth. However, one thing that stays constant is that things change. From crisis communication, to fake news, PR Pros need to stay on their toes.”
The luncheon included a great panel that reviewed trends in technology, communications, ethics and more including:

A few key points from the panelists included:
How do you stay relevant?

  • Hindeyeh follows all the media outlets on social media and scrolls through when she has extra time and she also uses the save button a lot to come back and read relevant articles.
  • Taft and Hindeyeh are big on self-evaluation and one day a year they go offsite and discuss vision and determine if the vision should be adjusted or stay the same. Taft also (no problems with this one) stays involved with PRSA Phoenix and takes advantage of the programs and events.

What are you doing now that will be different in 3-5 years?

  • Thornton said her team works with multiple teams including IT/ and reviewing all data along with communicating and working well with all teams.
  • Taft said that technology is constantly changing and so we have to be aware of this and how we are disseminating messages. In addition a bigger reliance on data and how we use that data will be necessary.
  • Robertson said that is going to be really important on how organizations market themselves and they need to be more precise and targeted. In addition, more research surveys need to be utilized to see if the needle is moved.

When it comes to connectivity and engagement what are some trends you are seeing?

  • Thompson said it is a challenge for everyone because there is so much out there and it can be overwhelming. But it has to be more than competing for likes, it has to be about the quality of the likes and creating the engagement that will produce results.

Did you attend? What was your favorite highlight?

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at Nov 1, 2017

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