Standing Out with Swag

Tote bags. T-shirts. Planners. Calendars. Every brand is looking for their special moment to connect with a consumer and make an impression that lasts. For many, this positive and enduring impression is in the form of branded merchandise that is given away as promotion or as some people call it, swag (stuff we all get!).

Who doesn’t love a freebie, and especially when it’s exclusive? I will always try to grab one! Brand swag not only makes a great impression but can also provide a boost of awareness going forward whenever someone uses your item. These items can also be given internally, allowing employees the opportunity to be ambassadors and proudly show off their organization.

A common example of exclusive brand swag is in the MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks, which often hands out hats, towels, bobbleheads and even jerseys to the few thousand fans that arrive to specific games early.

While you may not be a professional sports team and a bobblehead might not make sense as branded swag for your business, it’s possible to make it truly your own and specific to your industry within your budget.

Some more unique examples that can be customized to your brand and used professionally include phone/laptop/headphone cases, stickers, reusable lunch bags, portable chargers.

And innovation isn’t always the answer when it comes to brand swag. Don’t overlook the staying power of more typical items such as pens, cups and post-it notes, which have potential to stick around.

Investing in swag can prove to be a lasting promotional tool for your brand as your free items just might become someone’s favorite water bottle, pen or mousepad.

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at Oct 17, 2023

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