Social Media Campaigns Showing Authentic Humor

Businesses that show their brand in an authentic way on social media often have the most followers and likes. Just as personal pages show off the everyday of life, businesses use their social media to connect with their fans every day. Authenticity and consistency are two important factors in keeping your brand at the top of your consumers’ mind.

So how exactly do you show authenticity through social media? One common theme all humans can relate to – humor. Here are a few examples of how brands have been able to connect with their consumers by using humor:


Last holiday season, Lidl UK was mentioned by PRGN for having one of the best social media campaigns in 2020. Their social media streak continues with fun polls on Twitter and witty Instagram graphics such as “Get the (brat)wurst for the best prices!” Lidl has gained attention on social media by paying close attention to their target audience; instead of having one page for all stores, you can find social media accounts for Lidl in the U.S, Ireland and the U.K.

Slim Jim

This beef jerky company gets credit for not only posting funny content for its followers, Slim Jim also has a reputation for commenting on everything on Instagram. While their posts boast funny memes about current events and pop culture, their comments are what brings in the followers with witty and timely remarks on other big-name brands.

Little Debbie

Brands that are not affiliated with sports often get in on the madness of March Madness. The idea of making a bracket for consumers is an easy way for them to get involved in the conversation on social media. By creating a bracket to find the best dessert, fans and followers created the buzz all on their own by sharing their favorite Little Debbie snacks and discussing in the comments about why Nutty Buddy’s are better than Swiss Rolls. But for the fourth year in a row, the Oatmeal Crème Pie took the number one spot.


April Fools’ Day is a fun holiday for creative posts. This year, many brands including Tesla, Chipotle and even the Teletubbies incorporated cryptocurrencies – specifically Bitcoin – in the fun. The Mexican restaurant gave away either free bitcoin or burritos for the winners of an online game. The brand also has unique partners, most recently with the makeup brand Elf Cosmetics and drag queen, Kim Chi.

These brands all have one thing in common – they use humor to connect with their audience. Whether it’s through funny memes, posting in the comments of other brands or creating your own social media game, using humor in your social media strategy can showcase the authenticity of your brand.

Photo by Executium on Unsplash

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at Apr 15, 2021

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