What are the elements to a social media calendar?

Yesterday I hopped on Twitter and learned it was #NationalTapeMeasureDay which remained a trending topic for most of the day in the U.S. It started with a tweet from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announcing stricter social distancing guidelines at checkpoints and to stress the importance of staying 6 feet apart.

Right away businesses created posts with the hashtag to remind followers to honor this “holiday” by following CDC guidelines.

This got me thinking about the types of things we use to enhance social media calendars for our clients.  In addition to using national holidays and jumping on trends in a timely and sensible fashion, here are a few other things to consider adding to your social media calendar:

  1. If you are a nonprofit organization, use social media to thank your sponsors and donors

Dedicate one day of the week to spotlight your supporters. Online love for your supporters is a great way to show appreciation and to urge others to do the same.

  1. Don’t forget to recognize your employees and members.

Sharing successes and praise for your employees or recognizing your members tells your followers how invested you are in these individuals. It’s also a great way to show the human side of your organization by sharing the stories of the people who make a different in your organization.

  1. Look around, there is lots to share about current events.

Share content from news articles about current events surrounding your industry. To be viewed as a thought-leader in your industry, be sure to share this type of information with valuable comments and questions that any reader would find useful.

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at Jul 15, 2020

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