Small Town USA

Small Town USAIt’s been said many times that Phoenix is a big small town. And this week proved that to be very true.

  • I had a call with a prospect this week that was a referral from a friend of mine. She is her cousin. Turns out the prospect also went to my high school (granted several years after me) and we have about a dozen friends in common.
  • Scott and I had lunch with a colleague and within about the first 15 minutes of our conversation, we realized our paths had likely crossed about 25 years ago.
  • Scott and I met with a new vendor partner yesterday and when we went through the list of “then you must know,” it turns out he lives right around the corner from Scott. And we discovered at least five other connections.
  • I went to a dinner event with a friend, we were seated at a community table. One of the other guests at the table is friends with a friend of mine.
  • I had drinks this week with my boss from my internship, nearly 30 years ago. We try to get together every couple months or so, just to shoot the breeze and get caught up on each other’s lives.

I’m sure there are plenty of stories like these out there, but for me, this is one of the best parts of living here in the Valley. There’s a sense of comfort in these relationships, in recognizing that there really is only six-degrees of separation with anyone you want to meet.
For a PR practitioner, these types of relationships are critical to our success. And personally, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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at Aug 11, 2017

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