Should your CEO be on social media?

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With most of our client engagements, we provide c-suite communications strategies.  Recommendations include thought-leadership, white papers, speaking engagements, media relations, and of course, an active social media presence.   And although most are eager to participate in these recommendations, social media typically causes even the most media-savvy client to pause.

“What if I say something wrong?” “I don’t have time for social media.” “No one is going to be looking at (fill in the social media platform) to find me.”

A recent article in Ad Age, summarizing a study by a digital marketing firm, says “posting and engaging with customers helps humanize the brand and the company.”  As consumers, we want more from the brands we’re engaging with, we want to see them actively engaged in causes, supporting local communities, and creating a strong workplace culture.

Social media provides an opportunity for brands and their customers to interact and that interaction will almost always build loyalty.

Consumers often use their social media channels to share the good and the not-so-good about brands as well.  And sure, the not-so-good may be one of the best arguments for NOT being on social.  But the truth is, we’re all on social whether we are active or not and the smart brands and their CEOs/executive leadership should view this as an opportunity to listen to their consumers.

This feedback is invaluable if viewed as a means to identify what is right with your organization and where there may be opportunities for improvement.

So, should your CEO be on social media?  I don’t see how they can’t.


Photo by Zan on Unsplash
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at Jan 13, 2021

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