Serena, Serena, Serena

So Serena Williams is in the news AGAIN. And (again) not for the right reasons!

Just a few short months ago I posted the blog When Sports Players “Meltdown”, about how Serena could not keep her “temper” in check at the Australian Open.

Fast forward five months and here we are again, this time Serena is in the news, during Wimbledon, for comments she claims she made about a rape victim in Ohio when a reporter was “eavesdropping” on her conversation. I don’t know if the reporter was eavesdropping or not, but even if the reporter was that doesn’t make what she said ok. The attention should be less on how it happened and the fact that it happened.

Reporters have a responsibility to report what they have seen/heard. Do I think that they sometimes “sensationalize” news to make it more interesting? Yes, but they still have a duty to report the facts. It is just their perception of the facts, and that perception is key.

When is Serena going to realize that she is a role model for hundreds of up and coming tennis players and she should really think before she talks?

What do you think, does an apology after the fact make it ok?

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at Jun 26, 2016

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