Rock Legends Welcome Unique Collaboration

The Rolling Stones recently announced they will be hitting the road again for the 2024 “Hackney Diamonds” stadium tour. The tour will support the band’s 2023 album by the same name and will be making stops across the U.S. and Canada.

Celebrating over 60 years together as a band, the Rolling Stones are welcoming a new bandmate to the tour, AARP.  As the official sponsor of the 2024 tour, AARP is offering its members the special perk of early ticket purchases.

AARP stands as the largest nonprofit committed to empowering Americans over 50 and provides a wide range of benefits to its 38 million members.

Tapping into the membership base of a widely recognized organization like AARP goes beyond a basic endorsement and reaches a vast audience of devoted fans. This is the personalization that consumers are looking for in their marketing today.

While we might usually expect a soft drink, energy drink or alcohol brand to sponsor a live music festival or tour, the collaboration of The Rolling Stones and AARP is a clever one that stands out and also represents an evolution in brand partnerships.

In addition to offer incentives, the partnership also tells a bigger story of the long-lasting career of the Rolling Stones and highlights the message that we can rock at any age.

Now that the sponsorship is set, it will be interesting to see how it is integrated into event marketing to provide a memorable experience for concertgoers.

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at Dec 1, 2023

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