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June 20, 2019
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June 24, 2019
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Ever seen the TV show (or the underrated movie with both Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd playing delightfully off type) Dragnet?

In it, fictional detective Joe Friday’s catchphrase is “just the facts.”

In real life, however, if you want to find success in public relations, almost never use this phrase (save for when legalities are involved).

That’s because your success in this industry is based just as much on your ability to develop real bonds and relationships with people – clients, media members, colleagues, other communications teams – as it has to do with your writing skills, event management abilities and strategic advice.

Find real connections.

Ask questions.

Listen to the answers.

Follow up.

Be considerate.

Check in.

Share the real you.

Joke around, when appropriate.

Be yourself.

During an interview with a recent graduate, I was asked what surprised me most about this industry. My answer inspired this blog: over the past 16 years in this industry, I’ve been most surprised at my love for people. I love their stories. I love their pasts. I love helping make their futures a little brighter.

Do you find your success is based on the same ideal? Have you been surprised at what you like most about this industry? Feel totally the opposite? Share below!

Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
Senior Account Executive Alison has a lot to say…about pretty much everything...all the time. From the current state of public relations to the social media impact on Shark Week to crisis communications in the sports world, Alison’s blogs are focused on “amusing through her PR musings,” and then some. Check out Alison's full bio

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  1. Mike Eller says:

    Real Relationships are key to business success and a must for personal relationships. Being true with people makes for a happy life.
    It is hard for some people to connect with people.. sometimes called introverts. Not bad people but not the “life of the party”.

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