Is it a public relations issue or an institutional one?

During a recent trip to the beach, I found myself at my favorite hotel on Coronado Island. After a long day of driving I was eager to hop in bed to get ready for a fun weekend. As I began unfolding the pull-out couch I noticed a dead bird inside. Gross!

After having informed the hotel staff of this incident, I went back to gather my suitcases and move to a new room with no bird, but a balcony and ocean view.

Unfortunately, I came back to the room to see that it was still alive and was twitching its wings.  It was a few moments later (after freaking out) that I was reminded of a saying from HMA’s crisis expert, Abbie: “You don’t have a public relations problem, you have an institutional problem.”

It is apparent that there is an institutional problem with the maid staff as it was evident this bird had flown in through the windows, was swatted down into the couch, and covered up with pillows.

As a former worker at a raptor rehabilitation facility, I was appalled that something like this could happen. As a PR person, I thought of the public relations issues these institutional problems can bring.

According to Crisp, 90% of consumers say they are likely to shop with a brand that responds well to crises. After hearing that the other staff were not even informed of this incident, I am 100% not returning.

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at Dec 5, 2019

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