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November 8, 2017
LA Times Blacklisted Disneyland - HMA PR
LA Times Blacklisted by the Happiest Place on Earth
November 10, 2017
PRSA Phoenix

Pictured left to right: Diane Smith, PRSA Phoenix board member; Carey Pena, Inspired Media 360; Hayley Ringle, Phoenix Business Journal; Leah LeMoine, Phoenix Magazine; Michelle Glicksman, Where Magazine; Martha Maurer, KTAR and John Genovese, ABC15

Yesterday, PRSA Phoenix  held its last #MediaBreakfast of 2017 at BIG YAM, The Parsons Agency.  This was another successful event planned by PRSA Phoenix board members Diane Smith and Ashley Lynch.

Attendees had an opportunity to hear from the panel about what they are planning in 2018, what pitches they want to hear and what is played out. Every panelist agreed that there is too much focus on the bad and there needs to be more focus on the good things.

Key tips from each panelist included:

Carey Pena, Inspired Media 360

Carey is looking for stories that inspire others and that can also live on in the digital world. In 2018, she will be focusing on more health and wellness stories and she loves connecting (and also doesn’t mind being pitched) on social media.

Hayley Ringle, Phoenix Business Journal

Hayley covers technology and startups for the Phoenix Business Journal. In 2018, she will be looking for more high-profile PBJ Cribs stories. She likes to be pitched via email and is not a fan of follow-up calls.

Leah LeMoine, Phoenix Magazine

Leah is the editor at Phoenix Magazine and it’s important to know that they have a three month lead time. In 2018, the magazine will be expanding into digital which will be exciting! She likes to be pitched via email.

Michelle Glicksman, Where Magazine

Michelle is the editor at Where Magazine and she is looking for people focused stories. In 2018, the magazine will be rebranding with an expanded focus and digital components along with a new website. She likes to be pitched via email.

Martha Maurer, KTAR

Martha is the assistant news director at KTAR. She is looking for news that is relevant to parents, about money, health and also unique stories. In 2018, she will be looking for more local stories and people-focused stories.

John Genovese, ABC15

John is a multimedia journalist at ABC15. In 2018, the station is looking for a bigger digital focus and planning longer lead stories, not just breaking news. John loves to be pitched via text (if you are lucky enough to have his cell number)!

It was a great panel with tons of information! Let me know if I missed anything.

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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