How Prescription Drugs Are Introduced

DrugsI am now of the firm belief that only unhealthy people or hypochondriacs watch television – other than me!
Or, I just happen to watch the same programs that people with various random health issues are watching. Over the last week, the number of prescription drug commercials on the shows I was watching became overwhelming.
HMA Public Relations has participated in a number of pharmaceutical drug introductions over the years.  One of the strategies then – and now – is to create a demand for the supply.  Sort of a backwards free enterprise economic model, but an effective way to introduce prescription drugs to mass audiences.
Without breaking any HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws, I have seen ads for the following ailments:

Pharmaceutical Ads on TV

  • Xeljanz – for rheumatoid arthritis
  • Jardiance – for diabetes
  • Trintellix – for depression
  • Chantix – for nicotine withdrawals
  • Cialis – for erectile disfunction
  • Rexulti – for depression
  • Enbrel – for rheumatoid arthritis
  • Kyleena – for birth control
  • Trulicity – for diabetes
  • Otezla – for psoriasis
  • Vraylar – for bipolar disorder
  • Linzess – for constipation
  • Victoza – for diabetes

I don’t know if I’m really the target demographic or if the research is off-base as to who is actually tuning in to those programs, but it might be time for me to make an appointment with the doctor!

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at Apr 3, 2018

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