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I was scrolling through my Twitter feed yesterday morning and came across an interesting article that David Fuscus, CEO of Xenophon Strategies and fellow PRGN affiliate, had shared: “Why PR pros make great parents.”

Although I’m sure Rachel Brockway and Scott Hanson can attest to this, I am not a parent and would just feel silly nodding along to this article’s reasoning. I do, however, have quite a few friends. So I thought I would repurpose this article to prove that PR pros, in addition to being amazing parents, make for really great friends, as well.

  1. Dealing with the less-than-savory situations: No matter the dynamic of the group, there are going to be moments when arguments erupt, creating fissures throughout even the tightest of friendships. As PR pros, we are no strangers to putting out small fires and are well-equipped to find a solution.
  2. There’s always that one friend… : Luckily for your group of comrades, the PR practitioner among you all is just the person to get through to that obstinate and perpetually cynical friend who, although we can’t help but to love, can be incredibly difficult to be around at times.
  3. Silver linings abound: Just as the going gets tough, your friend in PR is just the person to mitigate seemingly horrible situations by breaking bad news the right way and sticking around to help you muck your way out of them.
  4. Always ready with a pep-talk: Your PR pro friend is savvy when it comes to educating and empowering his or her clients, a trait that translates to any relationship. They’re the person who is capable of delivering genuine and heartfelt encouragement that will help you through those tough spots.
  5. Let’s party: Two of the most valuable things a PR pro contributes to his or her friend group are the creativity and organizational skills needed to throw a great party. Your friends will thank you, if they haven’t already.

If you have any additional reasons as to why PR pros make fantastic friends, I’d love to hear them—post your comments below!

Breanne Krager
Breanne Krager
Bre has recently made the move from Michigan to join the all-star lineup at HMA. She's a voracious reader and strongly believes in the power of the written word. A self-diagnosed over-sharer, Bre will talk to just about anyone in the hopes of finding common ground. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring beautiful Arizona, doing something active (and competitive) and eating at as many restaurants as her budget and waistline will allow.

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