Do PR People Have a Side Hustle?

Side HustleRecently, I came across a story in the New York Post about “the side hustle,” meaning a second “gig” taken on by a professional for some extra scratch. Of course, it focused on how, reportedly, more than 50% of Millennials are the ones doing the side hustling.
That made me laugh out loud (see how I spelled it out – I’m 37. Haha!)
Now, our token (and fabulous) Millennial in the office, Bre Krager, does have a side hustle. She works in the hospitality industry.
But here is the thing: every member of our office, which includes a borderline Baby Boomer, a Gen Xer and two Oregon Trailers (look it up), has a side hustle (or two).

What do the HMAers do for their side hustle?

I’m a freelancer, writing about food, drink, travel and events for about a dozen local and regional media outlets.
Rachel and Abbie both teach college courses. Not only that, they are currently helping to update a textbook!
Scott is a high school sports official and author. If you haven’t seen his books yet, you must click here.
So, I pose this question – did the story simply not delve deep enough, or are public relations people by nature just hard workers and up for a side hustle or two? And – do you have one? What is it?

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at Mar 9, 2018

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