Should You Incorporate a Podcast into Your Communications Strategy?

Among the new habits I picked up during the COVID lockdown is listening to podcasts.  I typically listen to them when I walk Hildy in the mornings so lean more toward entertainment and true crime.  But as co-host of Copper State of Mind, a business-focused podcast geared toward executives who want to increase the effectiveness of their public relations and marketing campaigns, I’m also intrigued by the stats and demographics of podcast listeners.

According to the US Media Consumption Report, published by Attest, approximately 45% of millennials and 25% of Gen X’ers are listening to podcasts on a weekly basis.  And those numbers are increasing all the time. Also significant is that podcasts are reaching a diverse population, with an average of 43% of the monthly podcast audience identifying as non-white.

When podcasting first started, the audience was predominately male and predominately white. But now, nearly 15 years later, podcast content creators, recognizing the highly targeted ability of podcasting, are creating content to reach very specific demographics.

Given this rising popularity of podcasting, should your organization start a podcast? Adrian and I thought we’d tackle that question in this week’s episode of Copper State of Mind.

He thinks asking “if you should start a podcast” is the wrong question.  Rather, he suggests, we should ask why should we invest in a podcast.  Meaning the addition of a podcast to your communications strategy is one to consider and allocate marketing resources to.

In this podcast about podcasting, we discuss the four “results levers” a podcast can pull (but in different combinations, depending on your objectives):

  • Reach
  • Reputation
  • Relationships
  • Revenue

as well as the five M’s to consider – mission, market, message, mode and money.

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at Oct 27, 2021

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