Please Record and Photograph

Please Record and Photograph
How many concerts and other live performances have you been to where before anything happens, the audience is informed that under no circumstances are any recordings or photographs of the entertainers permitted?   Almost  EVERY one.
I’ve even heard of venues that confiscate cell phones at the gate to ensure that nobody goes rogue and captures an unauthorized photo or video.
So was I ever surprised while on a recent cruise when before the entertainment began, everyone in attendance “was encouraged to video or take pictures of the performance” and post on social media!
Before Celebrity Millennium cruise director Eddy Jenkins (also a Northern Arizona University alumnus) took the stage to introduce the next act , the announcement was made at least twice.   We were not allowed to use flash photography or save seats for anyone – but wholeheartedly encouraged to capture the show on our own platform-of-choice.
I don’t have the cruising resume of either @AbbieF or @Abailin, but I did discover something new.

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at Jul 25, 2017

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