What are the Pitfalls that Businesses Face When Engaging in Social Media?

Businesses and brands can agree that being involved in social media is a critical component of the marketing communications process. But it isn’t without a few pitfalls.

Here are a few pitfalls businesses and brands face when engaging in a social media strategy.

First and foremost is not having a strategic plan.  A good social media strategy will clearly define the goal and objectives and allows you to understand the needs of your target audience and create content that is directed to their needs.

Determining the target audience(s) for your social media efforts is essential in creating the right kind of content for engagement.   The “one-size-fits-all” strategy will be ineffective and a waste of effort.

Social media is your brand’s “address” in the digital space. Potential consumers will identify your brand through your social profiles. Having multiple accounts on the same social media platform will confuse your audience.

Every social media platform has a content format, for example Instagram is a photo platform and Twitter is a micro-blogging platform that lets you express your thoughts in 140 characters. Although it is certainly acceptable to share content across multiple channels, it is imperative that the content be customized for each platform.  Cross-posting content without adapting to the nuances of each platform may damage your online reputation.

Consistency and accuracy is the key to social media success. Posting too much or too little can affect the reach of your content. So can simple mistakes such as grammar and spelling which can create an impression that you do not care or you are not serious about your content.

Successful brands on social media utilize the platform to create real conversation with their audience. Though promoting your product or service on social media is acceptable, marketing cannot be the sole purpose of your online existence.

Successful brands are social on social. Sharing user-generated content from others is another very important strategy to gain the trust of users and create a personal rapport with them. Not actively engaging on social media platforms is a surefire way to lose positioning.

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at Aug 9, 2018

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